Our resident Daddy Ethan is here, and he’d be happy to show you why they call him the big dog. With tats to keep you preoccupied while he gets what he wants, Ethan is everyone’s favorite dominant male…

Welcome to our latest model and resident G-Shep, Adam… He’ll give you a rough ride and still be sweet enough to call you in the morning, and leave you romantic messages a week later…

So we get it, sometimes we aren’t perfect. We heard your feedback and we weren’t happy with our last production either. That’s why we’ve reworked our editing system and software, expanded our working pool, and have revitalized the way we do things around here! We’ve remastered Forest & Clyde to provide more colors and detail, for your viewing pleasure. So give us some feedback, tell us what you think, and stay primal!

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With a wrap sheet almost as long as other things on his persons, serving some hard time has certainly treated this model well. Check out Clyde our resident model criminal, who’s favorite weapon is an entirely different rifle and he’s very much looking for his Bonnie.

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This model might have talent in the water, but he’s got an impressively sized talent on land. Check out Reed, our resident aquatic model with one hell of a rough edge eager for some attention. Don’t let his rough edges fool you, he’s soft in all the right places.

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