Primal Instinct is proud to present it’s most unique, and ambitious creation to date. Our brand new Sled Team 6, featuring a total of six smoking hot guys team up to show Carter, our favorite vulpine, exactly where he belongs. Feast your eyes as Carter is taken down a peg while getting taken in many other ways in this enthusiastic production titled Boys of Summer.

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It’s not every day a studio gets a dynamic duo as notorious as these two are sure to be. Ethan’s enjoyed being the big dog on campus and Carter is happy to put him to the test, while in the processing paying his dues. Primal Instinct is happy to preset it’s latest feature, Run Wild.

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Our resident Daddy Ethan is here, and he’d be happy to show you why they call him the big dog. With tats to keep you preoccupied while he gets what he wants, Ethan is everyone’s favorite dominant male…