Why fly Mile High?
Because we pride ourselves in the biggest, best cockpits around!

With over a decade of Second Life experience, we know loyalty. That’s why we strive to make every passenger, on every flight, feel like family. That means family pricing, family atmosphere, and family service regardless of species, gender, or orientation. Give us the opportunity to show you why our clients always choose Primal, and you won’t be disappointed. Through our expanded network of leading organizations, we can provide non-stop service to any destination, at any time with the only turbulence being what our skilled staff cause and they’re always willing to go full throttle. That’s what makes Primal Instinct one of the leading authorities on luxury Blake Seas travel.

“At Primal Instinct we won’t beat you, unless you’re into that sort of thing.”

It’s our mission to provide safe, friendly, dependable air travel to our clients and customers, as well as many other services. We strive to make every flight for our Mile High Club guests the best, while maintaining  and exceeding safety, pleasure, and convenience standards. We don’t believe in merely providing the essentials for our customers, we meet and exceed expectations when you need us at our best. Our qualified pilots always have a full load that are ready to disembark.

“At Primal Instinct, our staff are the only things going down.”

Just look for the official seal of Primal Instinct, paving the way through new markets and opportunities while maintaining the highest level of quality.


Primal Instinct is proud to service many locations throughout the Blake Sea area and beyond.
Please look at our current locations below for a Mile High Club location near you!
If your destination isn’t listed, contact us to have it added to the list!


Please select a location using the map!

Hollywood Airport (SLHA) Beverly Airport & Marina (SLBY) Second Norway Lufthavn (SNO) (SLSN) Bruissac Harbor (SLBH) Aerodrome Amelia Earhart (SLAA) Airport GLK (SLGK) St Martin (SLSM) Axon Airport (SLAX) Luxor Airport (SLLX)

Hollywood Airport (SLHA)

Beverly Airport & Marina (SLBY)

Second Norway Lufthavn (SNO) (SLSN)

Bruissac Harbor (SLBH)

Aerodrome Amelia Earhart (SLAA)

Airport GLK (SLGK)

St Martin (SLSM)

Axon Airport (SLAX)

Luxor Airport (SLLX)




Crew Name: Rider
Crew Username: RiderDavis Resident
Crew Bio:
Hey there, I’m Rider! Friendly, nice, and full of spice! I’m known for loving adventure and being insatiably friendly. Say hello some time!

Crew Name: Flaranor
Crew Username: Flaken Hendes
Crew Bio:
 Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you, he’s quite the comedian and can really get a room rolling. Don’t forget he’s always willing to take unorthodox payment and try new things!

Crew Name: Wright
Crew Username: Wrightguy0 Resident
Crew Bio:
 Notorious party animal and sociable family favorite, Wright comes with his own personal fan club given those luscious pipes. Catch him on a good day and you might just get serenaded.

Crew Name: Atticus
Crew Username: Atticus Roux
Crew Bio:
 It’s not very often that any group of people comes complete with an accredited author! Atticus is a true renaissance man, with his areas of expertise varying wildly from the occult to 15th century art!

Crew Name: Kat
Crew Username: kat Gracemount
Crew Bio:
 Kitty’s got claws! Hailing from the far east coast, Kat is known as being the sensible and soft-hearted of the bunch. As one of the longest of the Davis members, she’s seen and done it all!

Crew Name: Jessi
Crew Username:
MermaidGoddess23 Resident
Crew Bio:
 This sultry starlet has a face you’re not likely to soon forget. She’s known as being the more playful of the bunch and she’s not afraid who know’s it, and carries one of the very few Davis Sister titles.

Crew Name: Aala
Crew Username: Saphire Nirpaw
Crew Bio:
 Soft features and a cunning mind make for a dangerous combination. She’s known for being rambunctious, opinionated, and loyal above all. One of the very first and most notorious of the Davis clan!


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